Live Creatives Show

This fermented lovechild between Japanese ‘slice-of-life’ hiTV Terrace House and all time Daddy-surveillance show Big Brother is a BaSTAR’d in parafactual edutaintment.

Live Creatives Show (LCS) snatches the wigs and falsies off reality TV and Acts Brand New. A squad of recording devices are set up to follow 3 artist-creatives as they descend into a co-working cave for two-and-a-half weeks, documenting their daily grind, bombasteractions, and dramaturgiddities in the pit.

A spa-spawning inquiry into the world-building of a SINematic universe, LCS is insatiable, ravishing, the end.

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“We all go through things in life, and so does this show”
 —Jimmy Chew, artist life mentor 

“Very good; the oasis in all of this.”
 —Amrit Dhillon, indie-curator 

“A full blown epic crime thriller for the nuclear family fun!”
 —uWu Tang Da Clan 

Live Creatives Show is a project co-created by Zhiyi Cao and Chong Lii, first filmed on the occasion of the exhibition The Open Studio at Supernormal from 3 - 18 January 2020. LCS’ premiere exhibition will be presented at Supernormal from 8 - 21 July 2021.

Participants: Divaagar, Sher Chew, Zou Zhao
Guests: Art Naming, Anathapindika DaiJimmy Chiu, Shawn Chua,
Greek Korus: Chand Chandramohan, Isaac Chan, Mengju Lin, Milon Goh, Sonia Kwek
Crew: Amrit Dhillon, Ed Khoo, Faraz Hussein, Johann Yamin, Natalie Khoo, Rifqi Amirul Rosli, Rohaizah Binte Abdul Rahman, Ryan Benjamin Lee, Xafiér Yap, Xindi Ye

Zhiyi Cao is an artist based in Singapore. Through her multi-disciplinary practice with a focus in film, she reflects upon millennial expositions and exigencies, seeking to exercise strategic complicity with the narratives she creates. In doing so, she hopes to dissolve the distinction between fact and fiction, subject, object and project. Some of her research interests include the conditions of labour in the creative regime, the myth of co-working spaces, and youngster’s love stories.

Her exhibiting history includes 2272 - Open Report at Tentacles Gallery (Bangkok, 2019), Space Oddities at the Substation (2019), The Open Workshop at Supernormal Space (2020) and State of Motion 2021 - [Alt/Opt] Realities at MarinaOne (2021). She is also a member of the interdisciplinary art collective Pure Ever.

Chong Lii’s practice aims to explore the possibility of merging or levelling disparate spaces, objects, people, and images. Millennial fantasies, accidental occult tributes in digital media and imagined historical subcultures are among the subjects filtered through an idiosyncratic gaze that supports and undermines them. Operating alongside strategies of entanglement and the abject, Chong’s installations and films simultaneously counter and revel within the apparatus of the moving image.

Chong’s work has appeared internationally in the VIVO Media Arts Centre, National Gallery Singapore, soft/WALL/studs, EYE Filmmuseum, Supernormal, DECK, Stedelijk Museum, Singapore Art Museum, SSBA Salon Culturele Deeltjesversneller van de Stadsschouwburg, Asian Film Archive’s Oldham Theatre, Singapore Short Film Awards, New People Cinema, and the 14th Athens Digital Art Festival, amongst others.

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